Month: July, 2012

the good stuff…

· July 24, 2012 · 9:19 am · Family, People, Personal, , , , , ,

When people ask me to do photos of there kids, I’m not always certain what they have in mind. To me, a photo of a child is best when you capture something real, something genuine…actually, I feel that way about photos of everyone for that matter. But the difference is that children are not as good at faking it as some of us in the adult world have grown to be. You only get those real smiles and laughs when they are truly having a good time.

This photo for example, is not the best location, the background is busy and it’s probably not something that would hang in a gallery somewhere…but that smile is about as real as it gets. It makes me happy to look at it. And when I’m a mom one day, I hope to capture the true laughter of my child, and any child I photograph actually… Because to me, that is the good stuff.

wojtek & dorit…

· July 14, 2012 · 11:33 am · Weddings, , , , , , , , , , ,

I recently shot a wedding which was held in a small church near a very small town in the foothills of the Alps. I had scoped out the location the week before and was pretty excited about photographing a wedding in this location. Luckily the Bavarian weather cooperated and Wojtek and Dorit had an amazing wedding and I was honored to be there to capture their special day…

Congratulations you two!

Wojtek&Dorit1 Wojtek&Dorit2 Wojtek&Dorit3 Wojtek&Dorit4 Wojtek&Dorit5 Wojtek&Dorit6 Wojtek&Dorit7 Wojtek&Dorit8 Wojtek&Dorit9 Wojtek&Dorit10 Wojtek&Dorit11 Wojtek&Dorit12 Wojtek&Dorit13 Wojtek&Dorit14 Wojtek&Dorit15 Wojtek&Dorit16 Wojtek&Dorit17 Wojtek&Dorit18 Wojtek&Dorit19 Wojtek&Dorit20 Wojtek&Dorit21 Wojtek&Dorit22 Wojtek&Dorit23 Wojtek&Dorit24 Wojtek&Dorit25 Wojtek&Dorit26 Wojtek&Dorit27 Wojtek&Dorit28 Wojtek&Dorit29 Wojtek&Dorit30 Wojtek&Dorit31 Wojtek&Dorit32 Wojtek&Dorit33 Wojtek&Dorit34 Wojtek&Dorit35 Wojtek&Dorit36 Wojtek&Dorit37 Wojtek&Dorit38 Wojtek&Dorit39 Wojtek&Dorit40 Wojtek&Dorit51 Wojtek&Dorit41 Wojtek&Dorit53 Wojtek&Dorit44 Wojtek&Dorit45 Wojtek&Dorit46 Wojtek&Dorit47 Wojtek&Dorit48 Wojtek&Dorit49