Month: January, 2013

baby it’s cold outside…

· January 29, 2013 · 11:58 am · Landscape, Personal, Seasons, Travel, , , , , , , ,

Winter time is a difficult time for me to be photographically inspired…it’s just so cold, and quite frankly going outside doesn’t always sound all that appealing. That being said, winter makes for some beautiful light as well as snow covered tree branches which just makes everything look nicer, don’t you think? So even though this winter has been a fairly sun-less one, I have managed to get out there and shoot a little… as well as build my very first snowman and see some very interesting spiky frost…

Here are a few chilly photos from the past month. Thanks winter, it’s been grand…now please make way for lovely spring would ya?

Winter1 Winter2 Winter3 Winter4 Winter5 Winter6 Winter7 Winter8 Winter9 Winter10 Winter11 Winter12 Winter13

florida squirrel…

· January 8, 2013 · 11:22 am · Animals, Personal

Munich is not exactly inspiring my photographic nature in the past dreary days. No snow and grey skies have kept me indoors the past week…and as I was working a bit on my travel blog, I came across this photo I had forgotten about from Homosassa Springs in Florida. He was so cute and posed so nicely for the camera…just thought I’d share :)

Hope your corner of the globe is getting more sun than us!