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a food and lifestyle photography workshop, part 4

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As the workshop ended, we spent the day together at Capezzana, one of the oldest wineries and olive oil makers in the region. We walked through the underground cellars where we saw old (really old) bottles of wine, and our guide told us all about how they do things. We tasted some of the wines and olive oils they make there…I bought a few things to take home :) And we ended our day having lunch in a small village nearby.

After lunch and gelato (naturally) we headed back to the Agriturismo where we would part ways with each other. It was hard to say good-bye, even after only 5 days together. It was an extraordinary time together and a trip I will hold dear to my heart forever. I left relaxed and inspired…

Thanks so much to everyone who made this trip possible and special!

Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop2 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop3 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop4 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop5 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop6 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop7 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop8 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop9 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop10 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop11 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop12 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop13 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop14 Food & Photography Day 4 Workshop15

Photos from Day1, Day 2, and Day 3 :)

a food and lifestyle photography workshop, part 3…

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After spending 3 days in Tuscany I wasn’t sure what could top the past days experiences. We had already done so many things and I had learned so much from my new friends. I was already so inspired. And then came day three of the workshop…

We traveled to the town of Pistoia and visited a local farmers market where we photographed everything. Italians are so fun to capture, with their expressive hands and emotional gestures. We made our way through the market taking pictures of all the beautiful produce and people. Aran and Nadia bought ingredients for a photoshoot we would have later that day…

After the market we sat together in the sun and at lunch at an outside cafe. The food and wine were unbelievable. I’ve thought about that meal quite a few times since that afternoon. :)

Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop1 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop2 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop3 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop4 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop5 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop6 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop7 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop8 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop9 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop10 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop11 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop12 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop13 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop14 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop15 When we arrived back at the Agriturismo we worked on styling photos. We played with light, composition and placement of the ingredients. Meanwhile, Nadia set up the most beautiful outdoor picnic scene for us to photograph afterwards. We spent the next few hours outdoors photographing her amazing set up…as well as sampling some of the ingredients. ;)

Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop16 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop17 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop18 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop19 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop20 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop21 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop22 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop23 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop24 Food & Photography Day 3 Workshop25 All in all I would say this was a perfect day, one of those days you wish you could bottle up and do all over again…

Photos from Day 1 and Day 2 :)

a food and lifestyle photography workshop, part 2…

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As day one of our workshop ended, my head swirled all night long of all the things I had already experienced and the people I had just met. Little did I know, each day would seem to be better than the last. On the second day we visited two farms.

The morning was spent learning about cheese from a local artisan cheese maker. We listened to him talk enthusiastically about his work. Even though he spoke in Italian, if you watched his hands you could almost understand.

(Emanuela was nice enough to translate the rest for us!)

As we stood in his olive groves sampling the many cheeses he makes on his small farm I couldn’t help but wish I could stay there forever…

Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop1 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop2 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop3 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop4 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop5 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop6 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop7 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop8 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop9 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop10 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop11 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop12 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop13 For lunch we visited the farm of Paolo Parisi where we were greeted by the family’s many friendly dogs. We all quickly made friends. After which  we were treated to a feast of antipasti and penne pasta with a “made right there over the fire in front of us”  tomato sauce. Every single thing I ate there was out-of-this-world good. Seriously.

After lunch, we toured his farm and got to see his magnificent property. I was ready to pack up, grab my entire family, and move right away.  We saw his famous pigs, chickens and goats and stared out over the rolling hills below.

We end our tour, sadly saying good bye to the farm, Paolo, and all his loving dogs and make our way back to our home for the week. We settled into our farmhouse for another evening of great food prepared by Nadia, Emauela, and her beautiful mother. We talk the night away like old friends and wait to see what the next day might bring…

Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop14 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop15 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop16 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop17 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop18 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop19 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop20 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop21 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop22 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop23 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop24 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop25



a food and lifestyle photography workshop, part 1…

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For my birthday this year, my amazing family surprised me by signing me up for a workshop I had been dreaming about going to. When I saw Nadia and Aran’s announcement for a photography workshop in Tuscany, I knew I wanted to go but wasn’t sure if that was a possibility… so, first off a huge thanks to my family for that one!

I arrived in Tuscany and met a couple of the women who would soon become friends. We drove through the countryside and arrived at the Agriturismo Cantagrillo during what I can only describe to you as the most magnificent light I have ever seen. And I am not even exaggerating. After settling in, we ate and drank the night away and walked back to the Agriturismo through a field of lightning bugs… I was in heaven.

Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop1 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop2

The first workshop day started with some introductions, photography tips, and styling lessons from our lovely hosts. We soon after went to the farmhouse to photograph all the beautiful ingredients that Tuscany has to offer. As the rain clouds moved in, we moved our session inside. After the short afternoon storm we went for a walk through rain drop covered wildflowers. There were poppies everywhere and the rain only seemed to intensify the colors…

Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop3 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop4 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop5 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop6 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop7 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop8 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop9 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop10 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop11 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop12 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop13 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop14 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop15 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop16 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop17 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop18 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop19 Food&Lifestyle Photography Workshop20

…Over the next few days we had so many great experiences in this unbelievable setting with these amazing women. I will be sharing more over the next weeks. It was such a wonderful trip as I sit back in my flat in Munich it hardly seems real. I consider myself pretty lucky to have been with these people at this exact time in Italy…it was an experience I won’t ever forget.