Month: June, 2013


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This past weekend we visited one of my husbands long time friends to see their new baby. (and of course take photos!) she is absolutely perfect and it was so nice meeting her. (and their adorable dog Penny)  We were not there very long, but Zora barely made a peep…just looked into the camera and smiled.

We took photos, talked, played with Penny, and in true German fashion had coffee and cake. Thanks so much you two. She is beautiful and you are a very lucky little family.

Zora Zora2 Zora3 Zora4 Zora5 Zora6 Zora7 Zora8 Zora9 Zora10 Zora11 Zora12 Zora13 Zora14 Zora15 Zora16 Zora17

happy father’s day.

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To all those wonderful dad’s out there, and especially mine, Happy Father’s Day today! Enjoy your day :)


personal vacation photographer…

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Personal Vacation Photographer

While I love traveling with my husband and family and capturing our beautiful holidays on “film”, it seems there is something missing from the photos. Usually, me. I nervously will give my camera to a stranger to snap a photo of all of us now and again…but then the photo always feels posed and unnatural. Something I’m not a big fan of.

So for a while I’ve wondered if other people feel the same. Do they wish there was someone around on their vacation to capture something fun that otherwise would never be documented? (ie- surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, picnics, hiking and playing on the beach together) I know it’s something I would seriously consider.

Anyhow, after reading an article from the Wall Street Journal I am realizing this is apparently not as crazy of an idea as I thought…other people might really love to have someone photograph their fun holiday moments. So if you are planning a vacation, day trip, adventure, or even a picnic and would like to have some nice photos with everyone in them, write me an email and we will see if we can plan something together :)


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Photography has allowed me see the world differently. I notice things more. I appreciate light and shadows in ways I may have never thought possible. I notice people with nice smiles, beautiful eyes, and genuine laughs and want to capture them.

I recently came across a group of photographers who are coming together and posting once a month about what they are grateful for and I am really happy to be joining in.  They will be starting a blog all together, but for this month will be posting separately and linking everyone together. To check out the circle visit Arica and see what she is grateful for this month!


When I think about what I am grateful for, a lot comes to my mind. One of the times I feel the most gratitude is when the husband and I get a day to explore someplace new together. A day with no plan. We had one of those days recently. It happened to be our 3 year anniversary and with sunny blue skies we hit the road and enjoyed the whole day doing whatever we felt like…. It was perfect.