Month: October, 2013

fall in the dolomites.

· October 29, 2013 · 10:46 am · Landscape, Personal, Travel, , , , , ,

Sometimes it is difficult having your friends scattered out all over the globe. There are times when I feel a little sad that I cannot see a particular person whenever I want and wish that I could just move everyone together in one spot. But then there are times like this weekend a few weeks ago, where I was able to meet up with a friend in a beautiful location and have an amazing time visiting a new place together.

It is those times I remember to live in the moment.

I met Christine at a food photography workshop in Tuscany and a few weeks ago we met again and spent the weekend in the beautiful Val di Funes in the Dolomites located in South Tyrol. We got very lucky and had unbelievable fall weather for the entire weekend. We hiked, ate, and relaxed in the sauna. It could not have been more perfect.

Thanks again to my friend for a lovely weekend and I’m looking forward to our date in NYC soon!

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amy & brice

· October 21, 2013 · 7:59 pm · Weddings

I met Amy and Brice at the same time they met each other. We were all in Cyprus for a Masters of Dirt show and while they didn’t become a couple until much after that (in fact they didn’t even speak the same language at the time!), that was when it all started.

With family and friends from all over Europe, they celebrated in the south of France with a unique party that could only come from having a family that is half French and half English/Scottish. What a party.

Thanks so much guys for having me photograph your special day. We had such a blast. Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world!

(Even if he is short, French, and rides a motorcycle) ;)

Amy&Brice1 Amy&Brice2 Amy&Brice3 Amy&Brice4 Amy&Brice5 Amy&Brice6 Amy&Brice7 Amy&Brice8 Amy&Brice9 Amy&Brice10 Amy&Brice11 Amy&Brice12 Amy&Brice13 Amy&Brice14 Amy&Brice15 Amy&Brice16 Amy&Brice17 Amy&Brice18 Amy&Brice19 Amy&Brice20 Amy&Brice21 Amy&Brice22 Amy&Brice23 Amy&Brice24 Amy&Brice25 Amy&Brice26 Amy&Brice27 Amy&Brice28 Amy&Brice29 Amy&Brice30 Amy&Brice31 Amy&Brice32 Amy&Brice33 Amy&Brice34 Amy&Brice35 Amy&Brice36 Amy&Brice37 Amy&Brice38 Amy&Brice39 Amy&Brice40 Amy&Brice41 Amy&Brice42 Amy&Brice43 Amy&Brice44 Amy&Brice45 Amy&Brice46 Amy&Brice47 Amy&Brice48 Amy&Brice49 Amy&Brice50 Amy&Brice51 Amy&Brice52 Amy&Brice53 Amy&Brice54 Amy&Brice55 Amy&Brice56 Amy&Brice57 Amy&Brice58 Amy&Brice59 Amy&Brice60 Amy&Brice61 Amy&Brice62 Amy&Brice63 Amy&Brice64 Amy&Brice65 Amy&Brice66 Amy&Brice67 Amy&Brice68 Amy&Brice69 Amy&Brice70 Amy&Brice71 Amy&Brice72 Amy&Brice74