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the days of summer.

· August 2, 2013 · 12:13 pm · Animals, Personal, Seasons, , , , , , ,

Summertime is here and I couldn’t be happier about it. Even on the hottest days, I will take it over dreary winter. I’ve spent time hanging out with friends, eating in biergartens, visiting with cool animals and cooling off in the mountain lakes. Looking forward to the next few warm weeks before autumn sets in. (Although don’t get me wrong, fall is also one of my favorite times of the year!)

Here are a view glimpses of this summer…

Summertime1 Summertime2 Summertime3 Summertime4 Summertime5 Summertime6 Summertime7 Summertime8 Summertime9 Summertime10 Summertime11 Summertime12 Summertime13 Summertime14 Summertime15 Summertime16 Summertime17 Summertime18 Summertime19

anna maria island…

· July 19, 2013 · 1:44 pm · Animals, Landscape, Personal, Travel, , , , , , ,

I hadn’t been shooting all that much over the past 2 weeks while I was in Florida, so I decided to head out one morning with just me and my camera and enjoy one of my favorite things in the world…a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful morning and hardly anyone was out, apart from the birds. :)

Anna Maria Island1 Anna Maria Island2 Anna Maria Island3 Anna Maria Island4 Anna Maria Island5 Anna Maria Island6

a food and lifestyle photography workshop, part 2…

· May 16, 2013 · 10:51 am · Animals, Food, Travel, , , , ,

As day one of our workshop ended, my head swirled all night long of all the things I had already experienced and the people I had just met. Little did I know, each day would seem to be better than the last. On the second day we visited two farms.

The morning was spent learning about cheese from a local artisan cheese maker. We listened to him talk enthusiastically about his work. Even though he spoke in Italian, if you watched his hands you could almost understand.

(Emanuela was nice enough to translate the rest for us!)

As we stood in his olive groves sampling the many cheeses he makes on his small farm I couldn’t help but wish I could stay there forever…

Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop1 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop2 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop3 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop4 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop5 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop6 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop7 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop8 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop9 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop10 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop11 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop12 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop13 For lunch we visited the farm of Paolo Parisi where we were greeted by the family’s many friendly dogs. We all quickly made friends. After which  we were treated to a feast of antipasti and penne pasta with a “made right there over the fire in front of us”  tomato sauce. Every single thing I ate there was out-of-this-world good. Seriously.

After lunch, we toured his farm and got to see his magnificent property. I was ready to pack up, grab my entire family, and move right away.  We saw his famous pigs, chickens and goats and stared out over the rolling hills below.

We end our tour, sadly saying good bye to the farm, Paolo, and all his loving dogs and make our way back to our home for the week. We settled into our farmhouse for another evening of great food prepared by Nadia, Emauela, and her beautiful mother. We talk the night away like old friends and wait to see what the next day might bring…

Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop14 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop15 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop16 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop17 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop18 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop19 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop20 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop21 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop22 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop23 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop24 Food & Photography Day 2 Workshop25




· March 29, 2013 · 3:58 pm · Animals, Personal, , , ,

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a dog fan. Just a little. So needless to say when I got to see these new born pups…I was in heaven. And of course I had to bring my camera. ;)

Puppies1 Puppies2 Puppies3 Puppies4 Puppies5 Puppies6 Puppies7