kimmy & mike | a san francisco wedding

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I met these two a few years ago when they stayed with my husband and I during Oktoberfest through AirBnB. They were such a sweet couple and I told them if they ever got married to let me know…and sure enough they did! I was so happy to photograph their special day and am honored they still thought of me after all that time.

Wishing you both years of happiness, love, and of course, great beer :)

K&M1 K&M2 K&M3 K&M4 K&M5 K&M6 K&M7 K&M8 K&M9 K&M10 K&M11 K&M12 K&M13 K&M14 K&M15 K&M16 K&M17 K&M18 K&M19 K&M20 K&M21 K&M22 K&M23 K&M24 K&M25 K&M26 K&M27 K&M28 K&M29 K&M30 K&M31 K&M32 K&M33 K&M34 K&M35 K&M36 K&M37 K&M38 K&M39 K&M40 K&M41 K&M42 K&M43 K&M44 K&M45 K&M46

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  • Kristen · Posted June 1, 2015 at 6:54 pm · Link · Reply

    What a cool story! And the photographs are stunning. You are one talented lady!! XO

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