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This is Ziggy. My best friend’s 8 year old Pomeranian. Although he was slightly un-impressed with my bath-time photoshoot…I just thought this was too great not to share :)

Have a great weekend!



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Going for a walk in the snow is always so much better when accompanied by an adorable little dog. :)

Nelson Nelson2

weekend points…from charlie

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Sorry I’m a bit late putting up the weekend picture…I may have been distracted by the AMAZING weather we are having. Gotta soak it up while I can. Anyhow, this is Charlie. While camping with some very good friends in Florida a few months ago I met this uber-adorable Labradoodle and she immediately stole my heart.

I have found a really cool pose for dogs if you stand over them and call them, as they look up you are able to focus on their face and get a nice depth of field. If they will sit that is ;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!