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I typically haven’t shot much fashion/modeling photography. Not because I wouldn’t want to, but more for reasons of familiarity. I am used to being the fly on the wall, capturing moments as they happen naturally. So directing people and making a model (a very new model at that) feel comfortable is all new ground to me.

So when I was approached to do some photos of this young lady, I was probably just as nervous as she was. Needless to say, we warmed right up to each other. Talked of traveling the world among other life goals. She is such a beautiful woman at only 15 (I know!?) and I had such a great time getting to know her.

Also, on a side note…the pants she is wearing in the last few photos are from her grandfathers WWII uniform. I thought that was pretty awesome. Lilly1 Lilly2 Lilly3 Lilly4 Lilly5 Lilly6 Lilly7

long florida evenings…

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I haven’t been shooting nearly as much as I’d like to lately, so I decided to start taking more time to try out some techniques I haven’t used. I’ve been wanting to work on some long exposures for a while now, so the other day I packed up and spent the evening at the beach watching the waves roll in and out. It was really nice to be a bit creative with my camera again.

Next up, light painting and photographing lighting. (hopefully) :)

Long Exposure

foggy florida…

· February 7, 2014 · 4:06 pm · Landscape, Personal, Travel, , , , ,

The past few weeks in Florida have been more reminiscent of my trip to the Pacific North West than a typical Florida winter. I’m kind of in love with the foggy days we have been having. It is somehow very calming.

Even though I haven’t been picking up my camera as much as I would like to lately, I did manage to take a few shots out at my favorite beach the other day. With the fog, wind and lack of tourists it felt like a whole new place. I could have stayed out there all day.

Foggy Florida1 Foggy Florida2 Foggy Florida3 Foggy Florida4 Foggy Florida5 Foggy Florida6

eat local with farm to table dinners – bradenton, florida

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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a farm-to-table dinner at the King Family Farm in Bradenton, Florida, hosted by the Loft 5. The whole experience was really amazing. The farm itself is a beautiful property owned by the charming King family and the dinner was a delicious mix of ingredients picked right from the farm. The dinning experience is really like no other and I highly recommend it!

Here are a few photos of the evening…

Farm to Table Dinner 1 Farm to Table Dinner 2 Farm to Table Dinner 3 Farm to Table Dinner 4 Farm to Table Dinner 5 Farm to Table Dinner 6 Farm to Table Dinner 7 Farm to Table Dinner 8 Farm to Table Dinner 9 Farm to Table Dinner 10 Farm to Table Dinner 11 Farm to Table Dinner 12 Farm to Table Dinner 13 Farm to Table Dinner 14 Farm to Table Dinner 15 Farm to Table Dinner 16 Farm to Table Dinner 17 Farm to Table Dinner 18 Farm to Table Dinner 19