the pacific northwest…

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I am in love. Again.

In the past few months I have been out to Seattle twice and I have to say, the beautiful PNW has captured my full attention. Yes, it rains. A lot. But how else would you get those lush greens? Those are not photo-shopped. It really is that green there. And that foggy light?? It is most definitely unlike any place I have been. In a very good way.

Here are a view photos from my recent (but certainly not last) trip…


discovery park, seattle

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My last trip to Seattle was mainly to shoot a wedding for Noah and Teresa, but I also got to spend a few extra days exploring this amazing area. I had forgotten I wanted to share some photos of our day at Discovery Park until I recently saw my friend Aran’s beautiful post! So while it was grey and chilly, this was one of my favorite days in Seattle. A park on the sea, full of driftwood forts and a treasure hunt for chocolate eggs…I mean, what more could a person want really?

Discovery Park1 Discovery Park2 Discovery Park3 Discovery Park4 Discovery Park5 Discovery Park6 Discovery Park7 Discovery Park8 Discovery Park9

5 minute ignite wedding | seattle, washington

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I flew out to Seattle last month to photograph a very special wedding. A wedding that actually took part over a 3 day period. This was day one.

Noah and Teresa met at an Ignite conference in 2011 and after doing several talks, it only seemed fitting to get married there as well! They had a 5 minute, surprise wedding on stage in front of hundreds of enthused strangers as well as their very large community of friends and family.

The crowd (apart from friends) had no idea that a wedding was about to take place and when the surprise was unveiled a roaring applause and standing ovation greeted the happy couple. It was pretty incredible.

(photos from the second wedding day coming soon…)

Ignite1 Ignite2 Ignite3 Ignite4 Ignite5 Ignite6 Ignite7 Ignite8 Ignite9 Ignite10 Ignite11 Ignite12 Ignite13 Ignite14 Ignite15 Ignite16 Ignite17 Ignite18


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I recently spent 10 days enjoying the beautiful city of Seattle. What an amazing place filled with stunning views, exciting food, and amazing people. I think I could spend some more time out there…very soon.

I am looking forward to sharing photos of a wedding a shot in the Emerald City as well as some personal memories of my time there…