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Last week I shot a wedding of a very dear friend. One I have known since our awkward days of high school. She was there when I fell in love with photography. We spent countless hours shooting film for Mr. Bilter’s photography class and learning about darkrooms and stop bath. I miss that dark room. It was our safe place away from the rest of school.

Anyhow, fast forward 15 years (holy shit) and I was so happy to be reconnected with my friend and be there on her special day when she married the love of her life. As I edit the photos from their day, I think this has to be my favorite. Not particularly because it is perfect…but because it is creative. Like my amazing friend.

(I also think Mr. Bilter would be proud of my use of reflections) :)


5 minute ignite wedding | seattle, washington

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I flew out to Seattle last month to photograph a very special wedding. A wedding that actually took part over a 3 day period. This was day one.

Noah and Teresa met at an Ignite conference in 2011 and after doing several talks, it only seemed fitting to get married there as well! They had a 5 minute, surprise wedding on stage in front of hundreds of enthused strangers as well as their very large community of friends and family.

The crowd (apart from friends) had no idea that a wedding was about to take place and when the surprise was unveiled a roaring applause and standing ovation greeted the happy couple. It was pretty incredible.

(photos from the second wedding day coming soon…)

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