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beach session | sarasota, florida

· February 26, 2016 · 8:26 pm · Family

Beach sessions in Florida are popular, although normally not my favorite. I typically like to find more secluded spots with different background. However, this family however was so much fun. They played and laughed and after a little while, it was like I wasn’t even there taking their photos! And for me, that is when I get the really good stuff :)

Was lovely meeting you all! What a gorgeous family.

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the weiss family…

· January 28, 2016 · 5:41 pm · Animals, Family, Maternity, People

I have very much been slacking on my poor blog. But no more. 2016 I promise to post more of my projects and share more with everyone. I have missed being on here!

So, with that being said… here is a recent shoot I did with a growing family. Michael, who happens to play some pretty amazing music, and his beautiful wife Sarah asked me to capture some moments with there new baby boy at their home in Florida. Their adorable furry family had to join in as well :) Here are a few of my favorite shots…

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vander kai

· August 31, 2015 · 3:01 am · Family, People

A little while back, I shot some photos for two of my amazing and excited friends. Since then they had a beautiful baby boy and I am, as always, happy to be there to document their story.

Here are a few photos from my first time meeting little Van…


tiffany & leif

· March 4, 2015 · 3:28 pm · Family, Maternity, People, , , , ,

I recently spent the afternoon with good friends, Tiffany and Leif documenting a big step in their lives. I am so happy to be able to capture these moments for people I care about. And even though our first spot for photos didn’t work out, we managed to find some great locations and get a few good shots. (Which would be difficult to miss with this beautiful lady!)

Congratulations guys, I cannot wait to meet him. <3

Van1 Van2 Van3 Van4 Van5 Van6 Van7 Van8 Van9 Van10 Van11