the pacific northwest…

· September 19, 2014 · 4:17 pm · Landscape, Travel, , , , , ,

I am in love. Again.

In the past few months I have been out to Seattle twice and I have to say, the beautiful PNW has captured my full attention. Yes, it rains. A lot. But how else would you get those lush greens? Those are not photo-shopped. It really is that green there. And that foggy light?? It is most definitely unlike any place I have been. In a very good way.

Here are a view photos from my recent (but certainly not last) trip…


discovery park, seattle

· August 13, 2014 · 2:27 pm · Landscape, Travel, , , , , ,

My last trip to Seattle was mainly to shoot a wedding for Noah and Teresa, but I also got to spend a few extra days exploring this amazing area. I had forgotten I wanted to share some photos of our day at Discovery Park until I recently saw my friend Aran’s beautiful post! So while it was grey and chilly, this was one of my favorite days in Seattle. A park on the sea, full of driftwood forts and a treasure hunt for chocolate eggs…I mean, what more could a person want really?

Discovery Park1 Discovery Park2 Discovery Park3 Discovery Park4 Discovery Park5 Discovery Park6 Discovery Park7 Discovery Park8 Discovery Park9


· June 7, 2014 · 1:49 pm · Destination Weddings, Travel, , , , , ,

I recently spent 10 days enjoying the beautiful city of Seattle. What an amazing place filled with stunning views, exciting food, and amazing people. I think I could spend some more time out there…very soon.

I am looking forward to sharing photos of a wedding a shot in the Emerald City as well as some personal memories of my time there…